2015 Regional Conference


Recently we have published a call for abstract submissions for the 2015 Regional Conference on Citizenship and Civic Education in South East Europe which will be held in Banja Luka, from March 20 to 22, 2015. The main goal of the conference is to provide the opportunity for educators, researchers, policy-makers, and other interested individuals to work together on exploring theoretical frameworks, civic education policies, curriculum and teaching methods in the context of life-long competence based learning.

Since the process of standardization, planning, implementation and evaluation of civic education at all levels is crucial for quality DHR programs in every country and globally we decided to put special emphasis on common core curriculum and development of civic education standards. At the Conference CIVITAS will present previously developed framework curriculum for Democracy and Human Rights Education for critical feedback and commentary. Focus of discussion will be on comprehensive process of developing civic competencies, as a process of acquiring students with civic knowledge, developing their cognitive and participatory civic skills and abilities, forming positions and moral traits of public character and enhancement of civic virtues for the common good in a democracy through DHR programs on all levels of education. Regional CE leaders will share relevant methods, processes and documents from their respected countries.

Education for democratic citizenship includes effective teaching and interactive learning, character education, training, dissemination, instructing, the aim of which is to equip students, through and by shaping their views and behavior, to apply and to appreciate diversity and to play an active role in a democratic life with a view to promoting and protecting democracy and the rule of law. Without competent and responsible participation of citizens in political and social life, democratic institutions will be dissolved or ineffective or otherwise become the veil hiding the corrupt autocratic powers. This is the reason why we have to discuss on how to encourage schools to cherish democratic values, civic virtues, develop and maintain high level of democratic culture and to support teachers in teaching basic functions and principles of active citizenship. At the parallel conference session participants will discuss effective teaching and interactive learning methods, best practices and activities that lead to equipping students with transferable knowledge, skills and understanding of active citizenship and encourage them to defend their democratic rights and responsibilities in a society. 

Following the focus of the conference, we welcome all teachers, university professors and regional experts to submit abstract and join us in Banja Luka on 2015 Regional CE Conference.  

Ivana Kešić, CIVITAS program menager

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